USPS Mail Forwarding

The USPS mail forwarding is a service which forwards your mail on your request and it will return your mail for 6 months afterwards. People or organisations who sent you mail at your old address will be informed to your new address if they paid for that service. If you set up temporary mail forwarding, which can also last 12 months just like permanent forwarding. According to the USPS tracking, you could also request another permanent change of address from your “new” address back to your “old” one when you’re ready to go back.

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How to Use USPS Mail Forwarding Service ?

  • The online post office change of address service to receiving mail in another address (changed new address).
  • That automates the mail forwarding requests submitted by the US residence.
  • You can submits these requests on your nearest post office.
  • It verifies your old and new address and standardises it according to USPS tracking address standardization policy.
  • Once completed the process, a confirmation email is sent to the mover.
  • This mail service takes 72 hours or more for their records to reflect the change of address.
  • As per guidelines, it may take 7-10 business days for your mail to start forwarding to the new address.
  • Make sure you submit your address change well in advance of the moving date in order to have the mail delivered to the new address in time.
  • The information submitted to Postal office needs to be accurate in order for USPS tracking mail forwarding to be successful.

Click here, to get the Working hours and timings.

Hence this service is very useful service for people who manage to forward the mail they receive.USPS has provided some list of US govt holidays in 2018. Here is the list.

USPS Mail Forwarding
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